Water fountains can fill homes or offices with a soothing sound. This calming, pouring sound can block out the monotonous sounds of a business office or an empty home. They cannot just make your home more popular but can also increase the real estate value of the home. Think of what an attraction your water fountain would be to guests, or to business clients. They also can fill empty space, help in Feng Shui, and even help brand your company’s image.

The soothing sound of water is a primary reason why doctors, dentists, and other health professionals place floor water fountains and wall fountains in their waiting rooms and workplaces. For at-home stress relief, a tabletop fountain in the living room or a pair of barrel water fountains next to your garden or patio swing would create a quiet atmosphere conducive to relaxation and meditation. Also, the operation of water molecules streaming down the water wall features are thought to produce negative ions into the air, and some studies claim significant health benefits from negative ionization. A rise in negative ions is thought to help boost energy, lessen anxiety and improve emotions. The comforting sound and the relaxing atmosphere that a fountain brings will also help you enter a state of peace as well as speed up your rejuvenation process.

If you’re considering adding an outdoor fountain to take the relaxing sounds of flowing water to your outdoor spaces, you could find birdbath fountains, outdoor wall fountains, free-standing fountains and lots of solar fountain choices. They provide many placement options. Indoors you can find floor standing fountains, wall hanging fountains or tabletop fountains. All offer options and style for you to find the perfect complement to your house. Certainly you’ll find an inexpensive outdoor fountain you like.

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